DD-CoverOver 30 years ago, Skip published the book, Say Yes to Your Potential. It affected people around the world, bringing new perspectives on personal growth, positive attitude, goal setting and so much more. Now, he follows that up with the book, Daily Disciplines: 90 Days of Personal Growth, that helps the reader integrate a positive daily routine into their lives through daily lessons and exercises. Its a simple way to commit to a habit pattern of personal growth. A few minutes a day will make a world of difference in the way that you approach projects, business, relationships, parenting, studying and life. All Thrive materials will be available digitally in early November with continued physical releases there after. We hope that you will continue to enjoy our releases as the are announced.

Pick up the ebook and paperback editions on amazon using the link below:

Let it start here and now…

Though our journey together is just beginning, the journey for THRIVE has been quite long indeed. Skip was inspired to positively influence the lives of young people more than 30 years ago. He has devoted his life to the teachings of positive living and it has taken him around the world. THRIVE is the next step in that mission to impact the lives of others for the better. We are always looking at new and better ways to connect people with the message of positive living, but THRIVE has given us a unique opportunity to equip people with tools that will help them develop positive environments in there own communities.

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