As children, we have a great capacity to imagine the best about life. We believe that we are capable of winning. We think we are invincible to our opponents, and we are not afraid to risk dreaming and hoping that our deepest desires will become realities. Somehow, as we grow and experience more of the world, we discover that our courage starts to become beaten, and bullied, and even destroyed. And as our belief falters, we can find ourselves forced into a mold that merely fits our environment, our duties, and our obligations.

Could it be that there is a better way to live?

THRIVE study series proposes that there is. In this series, we will discuss an approach to life that begins with personal responsibility, leads to an awakening of purpose and an acceptance of ourselves, and ends with joy, hope, and significance in life.

This bundle includes:

– Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of every video

– Two extra videos: Intro Cinematic & Facilitator’s Guide video

– eBook of THRIVE Study Series Workbook

– eBook of Daily Disciplines: 90 DAYS OF PERSONAL GROWTH

– A PDF version of the Facilitator’s Guide booklet

– An assortment of THRIVE – HD Wallpapers

– An MP3 file of the “Say Yes Everyday” series


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