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"What if life really is meant to thrive... to live in the joy of every moment? Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to miss that?”
-Skip Ross

Series Overview:

THRIVE is a 7 session series, distilled from the philosophies and ideas of the Dynamic Living seminar by Skip Ross. Focused on exploring vital aspects of a healthy and successful life, THRIVE provides material to allow the user to take root and thrive in areas like leadership, self-image, goal-setting and attitude development.

Product Description:

You are invited to start the journey of THRIVE here. Why do you experience fear? Is balance in life even possible? Are goals and dreams worth fighting for? Where does your self-image come from? THRIVE will begin the journey towards the discovery of answers to some of these questions. Enjoy this introduction cinematic and learn a little bit about the history of THRIVE and about how you can best approach this study series to get the most out of it.

This bundle includes:
  • Instant Streaming of INTRO cinematic video
  • Instant Streaming of GETTING STARTED video.


What you get: