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"What if life really is meant to thrive... to live in the joy of every moment? Wouldn’t it be a tragedy to miss that?”
-Skip Ross

Series Overview:

THRIVE is a 7 session series, distilled from the philosophies and ideas of the Dynamic Living seminar by Skip Ross. Focused on exploring vital aspects of a healthy and successful life, THRIVE provides material to allow the user to take root and thrive in areas like leadership, self-image, goal-setting and attitude development.

Product Description:

This kit provides the essential tools to studying and exploring the lessons of THRIVE. It includes 8 cinematic videos and 8 teaching videos. The cinematic videos are designed to illustrate each session of the workbook and the teaching videos further explore each session with Skip Ross.

This bundle includes:
  • Instant Streaming & HD Downloads of every video


What you get: